Electrical Code


Install standards are important to maintain. AETI provides a fun, upbeat code course that is designed to be easy to understand for all participants. We speak about s64 of the CEC as well as appendix B and all referenced areas.



AETI has created a series of webinars to meet the training needs of our partners. We look towards these strange times and realize that new solutions need to be implemented in order to provide the best in education. In embracing change, we have moved largely to a process of web-based education. Nothing can replace the in class feel of a training program, but we think our instructors will come close with our webinars. We are excited to welcome participant from around the community, country and globe! Webinar training allows for a wider range of course offering to a more diverse group of people at lower costs than ever before. Sign up for one of our outstanding web-based courses today!

Every Wednesday between 12pm and 1pm MST and every Monday between 9am and 10am course instructors will be available in a group web chat to answer any solar questions live. Any emailed questions will be answered within 24hrs.


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